About Team Canada Motor Sport

We have all seen Canadians who in the right situation can be world beaters. Combine talent with support and succeed. Motorsport is the one sport where the truism, “success breeds success” has never been more accurate. Through success comes relevance to the public which in turn rationalizes corporate, public & private partnerships required for further achievements.

Team Canada Motor Sport is an interesting non-profit platform whose central rationale subscribes to the theory that success on the track solidifies the brand image of Canadian motorsport, positively impacting the growth of the industry in Canada.

Successful athletes can have a powerful influence on society in general and young people in particular. We encourage competitors to make a positive impact for program partners and to act as role models with an active and purposeful lifestyle.

Mission Statement
To foster opportunities and provide strategic assistance to Canadian individuals and organizations within the motorsport industry through relevant initiatives.

Team Canada Motor Sport is a non-profit organization with goals to:
:: Advance the Motorsport Industry in Canada ::
:: Raise Awareness of Meaningful Initiatives ::
:: Promote the Canadian Profile within the Sport ::

To achieve these goals TEAMCMS will provide strategic assistance to Canadian individuals and organizations through relevant TEAMCMS Initiatives including; Motorsport Industry Association Canada, Sport Canada Eligibility, Motorsport Safety Foundation and Formula Everyone.

The concept of sourcing financial support through an integrated approach of networking, marketing/communications, partnerships, public and private investment from a wide-ranging platform is a reasonable approach.  Fundraising will be sourced from Corporate support through traditional sports/causal sponsorship marketing, Private support through an initiative specific donation structure and Public support through governmental agencies when applicable.