Racing’s Newest Flag Promotes Inclusivity in Motorsports

Racing’s most iconic image has been combined with the world’s most recognized symbol of inclusivity to create the Formula Everyone flag that promotes LGBTQ+ tolerance in motorsport.

In partnership with BBDO Toronto, You Can Play, an organization dedicated to equality for all athletes regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, has been invited by Honda Indy to share this flag and promote inclusivity in motorsport at the event.

“Formula Everyone is encouraging the motorsport industry to be more inclusive, which I fully support so that future gay drivers will have an easier time than I did,” says Formula Everyone supporter Danny Watts, the British Le Mans driver who came out as gay after his retirement in 2017.

Formula Everyone has also received the endorsement of Team Canada Motor Sport, a non-profit organization that provides assistance to individuals and organizations within Canada’s motorsport industry. The organization is urging motorsport enthusiasts to fly the flag in support of fans, drivers and team members.

At Honda Indy Toronto, You Can Play is sharing flags and promoting the use of the #FormulaEveryone hashtag.

“In motorsport, flags are used to communicate vital messages to drivers,” says Ryan Pettengill, Executive Director of You Can Play. “The Formula Everyone flag was created to clearly communicate the vital message of inclusivity to drivers and fans alike. We applaud the team at Honda Indy for joining us in spreading this message.”