Motorsport Industry Association Canada is pleased to welcome Showpass to the MIAC membership family. Showpass is a Canadian software and service company that helps events and venues sell more tickets and generate more revenue. Showpass prides itself on customizable solutions, ensuring that no matter the size, layout, or type of event that you host, you and your members will have a successful client experience.

  • Showpass, the online ticketing platform that puts you and your guests first.  Showpass can assist with motorsport facility ticketing as well as sponsor & team special events.  Showpass can co-market events with the motorsport industry- helping grow our sport. 

Showpass was the 2016 Breakout Business Award Recipient for the Calgary Chamber of Commerce and continues to pave the way in ticketing technology by ensuring one solution isn’t applied to each challenge. Showpass takes each client recommendation into account when creating new software.

Showpass listens and reacts to your needs whether it be for new features, innovative ideas, or client success solutions. As official partners of Facebook, Google, and Microsoft for increased online presence and Square for easy on-site sales, Showpass is here to help you and your guests have the best event experience possible; no matter where they are!

Check out the Showpass member profile here.