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TEAMCMS8 months ago
MIAC along with Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada have compiled a list of resources and advice for Canadian motorsport businesses affected by the Covid-19 virus. During this critical time, Federal and Provincial agencies will continue to update information and MIAC will attempt to pass along relevant information to the Canadian motorsport industry.
TEAMCMS1 year ago
We are deeply saddened. The autosport community has lost a champion of the sport, and we have lost a good friend. The voice of Mosport has fallen silent.

Rest in Peace Jim Martyn

Message from the family of Jim Martyn. It is with a heavy heart, that we have to let you all know that our father Jim Martyn has passed out of this life to the great PA booth in the sky. . . For all who knew him, he was sweet and kind, always had a smile and something nice to say or a sharp word. . . Mostly about the state of world politics or how poorly people were driving these days?! . . He taught us patience, all the race car things, and how to do lap charts to help him keep ahead of the field before all that fancy timing and scoring stuff made it's way into the old tower at Mosport. We traveled to tracks around the world together and made great vacations of working race weekends.
Those who knew him, know his health wasn't excellent these last few weeks, but he was making strides in the right direction, recently had a spinal surgery that helped him regain some of his leg mobility. . .

But alas. . . When it's your time. . . It never seems like you had enough.

He was a good man, with a great life!!

TEAMCMS1 year ago
Travelling soon? Check out MIAC member HUB Insurance travel insurance.
TEAMCMS1 year ago
Welcome new MIAC member: Killer Art Designs
TEAMCMS1 year ago
We're here to help!
Hey Canadian motorsport community, tell us what you need?
Please provide feedback to us on benefits that would help your company. #MotorsportCan
TEAMCMS1 year ago


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