Our Initiatives

Who We Are

Formula Everyone is not a formal entity or organization, but rather a campaign with the simple objective of promoting LGBT+ inclusion in motorsport. More specifically, it is a menu of small but impactful opportunities for engagement for sanctioning bodies & race promoters to further engage those around them to promote LGBT+ inclusion in a meaningful way.  Formula Everyone was conceived and is supported by BBDO Canada,  You Can Play Project and Team Canada Motor Sport

Opportunities for Engagement

The Formula Everyone campaign offers assistance to governing bodies, race event promoters, competitors, sponsors and others in the motorsport community to help ensure that messages of inclusion reach those who need it most.

Should your organization or event choose to engage in this campaign, we offer support in planning and executing the following activities when possible or available.  Below are some of the action items that can be created for your event, should your organization or event choose to engage in this campaign.